Winter Skin Saving Tips

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Winter is upon us so now is the time to book a professional skin analysis and change your skincare regime in preparation to take on the harsh winter elements. Our 3D Imaging Observ skin analysis will pinpoint exactly your skins current condition and we can advise on both homecare and in-clinic treatment.

Heating, air-conditioning & cold winter air can all wreak havoc on our skin requiring a routine of barrier protection, intensive hydration and nightly nourishment.

Winter Skin Routine Tips:

  • Change up to a slightly richer moisturiser and night cream one of our favourites is Germaine De Capuccini TimeExpert SRNS Intensive Recovery Cream.
  • Add a hydration booster to you daily routine like Germaine De Capuccini Glycocure Hydro-retexturing booster concentrate it will make all the difference to winter skin health.
  • And don’t forget a Hydration Mask, if your skin is really dry you may want to wear a hydration mask as your night time moisturiser. Personally we love Germaine De Capuccini Intense Comfort Hydrating Mask created for the driest and most dehydrated skin to immediately restore the skins optimum hydration levels.

We have a multitude of advanced skin treatments but one that we particularly recommend to restore balance whilst intensely hydrating your skin is our LED Light Therapy Facial which is a standalone treatment but can be added to your favourite facial for intensive results.

Your Winter skin care is as important to you as it is to us … we are here to offer our advice and care.

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