Ultrasound Cavitation

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Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation is a breakthrough non-surgical technology that works to reduce stubborn areas of fat and cellulite. 

Low Frequency sound waves are used to target and disrupt fat cells in problem areas, breaking down the fatty tissue and allowing it to be filtered out through the body’s lymphatic system. Ultrasound and RF Skin Tightening go hand in hand to reduce fat and tighten loosened skin in larger areas such as thighs, arms and the abdomen.

This will vary depending on the size and type of the area being treated. Typically a course of 6-10 will be prescribed spaced at one week apart. 

No. The treatment involves heating a targeted area in circular motions with the hand-piece. So most clients will experience a comfortable, warm sensation. 

Some may experience redness for a couple of hours after the treatment. For best results, it is advised you undertake 20minutes of cardio exercise following the treatment to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Abdomen $202.00

Hips $202.00

Upper back (bra line) $202.00

Upper Arms $202.00

Buttocks $222.00

Thighs $302.00

Knees $232.00