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Pollution and the Skin

Pollution the 21st Century: Danger to Your Skin   Are you regularly exposed to electronic screens, heating, cleaning products or simply ‘fresh’ air?  These are the three main types of pollution that damage your skin causing it to age prematurely, become sensitive and appear dull. In this article, we explain why and provide some simple steps…

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Winter Skin Saving Tips

Winter is upon us so now is the time to book a professional skin analysis and change your skincare regime in preparation to take on the harsh winter elements. Our 3D Imaging Observ skin analysis will pinpoint exactly your skins current condition and we can advise on both homecare and in-clinic treatment. Heating, air-conditioning &…

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Does IPL Reverse Signs of Ageing? YES That’s the Simple Answer! Ok so you want Insta perfect skin and wonder how to achieve it. Well we can tell you how and give you all the guff on how it works, along with the results you can expect. And what we at Bathurst Laser Skin Care…

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